Fashion Police!

Fashion Police!

Anna Farris and Jessica Simpson in StripesHave you ever seen a picture of yourself and quickly realized that your outfit wasn’t quite as fabulous as you thought?  I have a suspicion that this may be just how Anna Faris and Jessica Simpson feel after seeing themselves in this dress.  Surely, this dress wouldn’t flatter anyone if it doesn’t compliment these beautiful celebrities.  So what are the major problems causing these two lovelies to look like fashion victims?

Problem #1:  Horizontal Strips. Ouch!  Talk about expanding a space.  Anna and Jessica’s waistlines are all but gone in these pictures because the stripes are widening and shortening them.  And since Jessica is already curvy, the stripes are exaggerating her hips and bust in an unnecessary way.  Too much of a good thing!

Problem #2:  Length.  Just look at the length of Anna Faris’s dress.  It’s in the mid calf range, which means the frumpy zone!  She has lost her leg line and is diminishing it further with her shoes that wrap around the ankle.

Problem #3:  Color.  Neither of these blonde beauties looks good in this dark and/or bold of colors.  They are completely overpowered by the strong pattern and colors of their dresses.

Have you seen a fashion victim lately?  Do share.  Let’s save the world one bad outfit at a time.

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