Dated Don’ts

Dated Don’ts

No matter what your profession or personal interests, it is important to keep your appearance current.  When your clothing and overall appearance is current, other people perceive you as current and up-to-date in many other areas (i.e. knowledgeable and reliable in your job, etc.).  However, if your appearance is dated, people will begin to think of you as unreliable and lacking current knowledge in other areas.

As a parent, it is also important for you to demonstrate to your children through your appearance the importance of looking nice and dressing with purpose.  If your children learn to maintain a positive appearance, it will hopefully help them to have a positive self image.  When we like how we look on the outside, it helps us feel great on the inside.

Here are some examples of dated looks that will keep you from being current:

  • Painting pictures or images on your nails (exp. flowers, etc.).
  • Wearing heavily printed capris (especially with matching cardigan sets). Instead, wear solid shorts or pants with an unmatched cardigan set (exp. brown cardigan and cream shell).
  • Hairstyles that are heavily sprayed or very big.  Update your hairstyle with a look that has more movement.
  • Thick, black eyeliner (You should only wear black eyeliner and mascara if you have black hair; otherwise, wear brown eyeliner and mascara).
  • Scrunchies
  • Calf-length skirts (These will make you appear shorter.  Instead, choose skirts that are closer in proximity to the knee – either right above or right below).
  • Holiday specific sweaters
  • Clunky, chunky heels
  • Lipsticks that are extremely bright.  Try to choose a lipstick that blends with the natural color in your lips, or, call Stoltz Image to schedule a makeover, and we will pick out the perfect color for you!

Still confused about determining what looks are dated?  Give us a call.  We would love to schedule a closet audit or a mini consultation to talk about your image.  Ditch your dated looks today!


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