Fall Fashion Look: How to Wear Tights

Fall Fashion Look: How to Wear Tights

A client called the studio the other day with a question about a fabulous new fall fashion trend: tights.  You may have seen this trend in magazines and on billboards because it is everywhere!

There are several ways to wear tights this fall, and you will see them in a variety of colors and patterns.  If you are a more conservative and classic dresser, then stick to solid tights in your nice dark neutral color, like black on brown.  If you are a bit more daring, try a great pair of patterned tights in a stripe, but make sure that you don’t get too crazy with your colors.  If you wear tights that are bright yellow or purple, you are only going to wish that you hadn’t when you see pictures of yourself years later.  Instead, stick to your great dark neutral or try a fall color from you color palette.

Shoe choice is very important when wearing tights because you want to be current.  Think about a great pair of pumps, short boots, or the oxford style shoes that are so popular right now.

Both skirts and dresses look great with tights and a fabulous pair of shoes.  Many department stores and advertisements are pairing sweater dresses with tights.  These dresses are great for those women without any lumps and bumps, but if you have a problem area, then try to avoid sweater dresses.  Instead, stick to an a-line or straight skirt and a great cardigan or jacket.  These separates will bypass your problem area instead of highlighting it like a sweater dress.

You can also wear your tights with your summer, knit dresses if you put a great button down blouse under the dress or if you pair it with a cardigan.  This will allow you to wear some of your favorite pieces into the fall season.

Fall fashions for 2008 are fabulous.  Just remember to follow your color and body style guidelines so that you never become a fashion victim.  Instead, focus on fashions that make you feel current and fun while still fitting in with your signature style.

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