Eyelid Care

Eyelid Care

Eyelid Care


Beautiful, bright eyes are the window to one’s soul!  Our eyes say so much about us, it’s so important to prevent and treat those pesky fine lines.  Here are the Stoltz Image eye cream tips!


20’s: It’s never too early to start wearing eye cream!  Be sure to gently pat, not rub eye cream on your lids morning and night.  To brighten your eyes after a little too many late nights add a touch of concealer.  A 5 second application can brighten your eyes immensely!  Try our: Transforming Eye Cream because it has caffeine to reduce puffiness and eye circles.


30’s: In our 30’s we often start seeing the first signs of aging.  Did you panic at that first pesky fine line?! Be sure you keep using a day and night eye cream to combat those fine lines.  Use a little “Instant Skin Smoother” on fine lines before photos and anytime you want to look extra amazing!  It’s time to start using peptides to plump and help build collagen.  Try our: Peptide Eye Cream for best results. Our Peptide Eye Cream  firms, and provides anti-aging benefits.


40’s: It’s time to stop gravity!  If you are seeing some skin texture issues you haven’t experienced before don’t worry, this is natural.  However, there are steps you can do to combat and slow gravity!  It’s important to use an eye cream that will repair and replenish and well as provide necessary antioxidants. Try our Transforming Eye Cream and rotate or layer this cream with our Peptide Eye cream to provide antioxidants as well as peptides.  Alternate one in the morning and one in the evening.


50’s +  It’s important to stay strong with your healthy eye makeup regimen.   Retinol can be a helpful ingredient to add.  Retinol Cream  has a fabulous way of minimizing those ever present fine lines that so irritate us!  Be careful if your skin is sensitive because this product is strong and really delivers!  If you have sensitivity be sure to gradually integrate this treatment into your routine.  Perhaps start out using it 1-2 times a week before gradually working up to once a day or every other day.  Your skin will thank you!  At this stage both our Peptide Eye and  Transforming Eye Cream will help consistently deliver results!

Did you know your eye makeup technique needs to change as you age?  Schedule a makeup update to learn simple and easy to recreate tips to uplift and accentuate your eyes no matter what your age!

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