Elaine’s Tips on How to Dress Your Best for Less

Elaine’s Tips on How to Dress Your Best for Less

Finances are tight, and we are all thinking about ways to cut back on spending and make what we have last longer.  Clothing is no exception.  Purchasing all of the latest trends may not be an option for us this year.  Instead, we must begin to focus on maximizing our current closet.

I was recently cleaning out a closet for one of my wonderful clients who had told me that she was not planning on shopping this spring.  She just wanted help with using the clothing that she already had.  We spent three hours making outfits out of her existing wardrobe, and we ended up creating over 35 outfits that were both cute and current (and it was not a huge closet)!  We had so much fun putting together pieces of clothing that she had never thought to wear together.  She felt like she had gone shopping in her own closet.

Every outfit was perfectly coordinated with accessories, handbags, shoes, and undergarments.  After taking pictures of her new outfits, I made a wardrobe book for her so that she does not even have to think about what to wear in the morning.  All she has to do is pick out a picture!  I also made her a small and optional Spring/Summer shopping list with items that could be purchased for around $200.

“I have never felt better about my closet.  The stress of getting dressed in the morning is gone, and I never worry about what to wear anymore.  It was worth every penny!”  – AK

Are you struggling to maximize your closet and your pocketbook this fall?  Call Stoltz Image today to schedule a Closet Cleanout and Organization or an Outfit Creations session.  Just because you are not planning on purchasing new clothes this season doesn’t mean that your wardrobe can’t be fabulous this year!

If you don’t feel that a closet cleanout is the right service for you, you may want to consider our Wardrobe Workshop.  For just $50, you get to spend an hour at the Stoltz Image studio learning how to create clothing capsules out of the items you already own.  Please contact the studio for dates and details.

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