Elaine’s Summer Tips

Elaine’s Summer Tips

Elaine Stoltz, AICI CIMThink Loose: Tight fitting clothes can feel quite hot. Buy loose fitting blouses that allow the body to breathe.

Cool Fabrics: Cotton and linen are the most breathable fabrics.  Don’t worry about wrinkles, it’s ok.

Summer Jackets: Look for unlined jackets that are either half of 3/4 length sleeve. A blouse is your new summer jacket.  For a professional look in the office, a 3 piece core outfit is best, so convert your 3/4 length sleeve or long sleeve blouse into a jacket and wear a simple lacy shell underneath.  It looks professional and you feel great.

Dresses:  Cool, flowing, and feminine.  Dresses are fast and easy to put on.  Summer dresses are versatile and can go anywhere.  You can dress them up with colorful wedges or dress down with simple strappy sandals.  Think flats for day wear and heels for night.

Skirts:  Skirts are much cooler than pants or capris.  Short skirts (knee length or shorter) are an excellent companion with summer sandals.  Plus summer skirts look much dressier than shorts or capris.

Show your toes:  Give yourself a pedicure and show off those beautiful toes or treat yourself to a professional pedicure and let your toes shine!  Show your toes, no hosiery.   Remember this rule, when you wear sandals leave the hosiery in the drawer.  Go with a simple summer color or try a French pedicure.

Accessories:  Lighten up, store scarves in your closet and pull out the necklaces.  Keep a few very sheer scarves for fabulous shawls.

Bracelets: The perfect accessory for our bare arms.  Stack them, mix and match, use a color or two with silvers and bring on the gold bangles.  This summer’s trends offer us a huge selection of bracelets.  Have some fun and spice up your arms with this simple and easy accessory.

Jeans:  Put away your winter jeans and pull out your lighter weight jeans.  Think light, cool and breathable fabrics that don’t wrinkle.  Replace your dark jeans with a denim skirt.  Think current!  Donate any denim skirts that fall below the knee and update with a simple, modern and current style.  This is an inexpensive way to update your wardrobe in a flash.

Rethink your wardrobe for this super hot weather.  Do you ever have a hard time deciding what to wear in the morning? If you feel like you have a closet of clothes and nothing to wear, schedule a consultation with me today. Let me create new outfits from the items you already have, including clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories.  It is like going shopping in your own closet!  You will also receive a book full of photographs of your perfectly accessorized outfits.  I will also make a shopping list for your future purchases.

Space is limited so schedule your Creating Outfits consultation today.

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