Elaine’s Skin Care New Year’s Resolutions

Elaine’s Skin Care New Year’s Resolutions

Elaine StoltzWith the cold and dry weather we have been having I’ve been so unhappy with the skin around my eyes. I decided I should use my own products more diligently.  Can you relate to this?  I have all this amazing skin care that I need to be using on a regular basis.  How ironic that I tell my clients everyday how important it is to follow a disciplined skin care routine and yet here I am the one with dry skin!

So I decided to be more disciplined in my daily skin care routine.  Within a week of starting my new regimen I began to see results.

I would love to share my new routine with you.

Elaine’s Daily Routine for Eye Care

In the morning, as soon as I wake up, I always use my Chinese Tea Eye Gel for puffiness.  I tend to wake up with puffy eyes due to sinus and allergy problems.  The Chinese Tea Eye Gel works wonders on my eyes!

I also love my new Instant Skin Smoother.  The product goes on before eye cream and is a fabulous treatment to help reduce wrinkles and improve skin tone.  You can also reapply before an evening event to add a smooth finish and visibly reduce lines.  Love it! Works wonders when used before having a photograph taken.

Next, after I cleanse my face, I use my ring finger to dot Pep Toxyl Eye Cream around my eyes.  This cream reduce wrinkles, plumps skin and helps ease fine lines.

At night I use Active A Retinol for Eyes around my eyes.  This special formula helps increase skin regeneration and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.  After applying the Retinol treatment I wait about 15 minutes before applying LifToxyl Eye Perfector Cream.  This cream helps reduce under eye circles while pampering and lifting the delicate eye area.

Within a week of following this regimen I saw results!  Now I feel motivated to stick with this routine and treat my eyes with special care.  After all, my blue eyes are the focal point of my face so it’s really important to me that my delicate eye skin looks refreshed and youthful!

What’s your skin care routine?

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