Don’t look dowdy!

Don’t look dowdy!

The Fort Worth Star Telegram recently had a great article on dressing after 50 without looking dowdy!  It’s important to dress to fit your body shape and stay current and on trend, no matter what your age.

Great Tunic Top

Great Tunic Top

A few tips from the Stoltz Image Team

1. Look for soft fabrics that drape your body instead of hugging your skin.  You can definitely still show off your silhouette with cute figure flattering fashion at the same time hiding some of those spots you don’t want to accentuate.

2.  Almost everyone looks good in skinny pants and a long tunic top!  Resolve to try this look this spring!  Just make sure the top is long enough to cover your seat.

3.  Make sure your skin glows!  Use an exfoliating mask each week.  Elaine recommends her Micro-Derm scrub for a gently daily scrub.  It is soft and gentle and keeps your skin fresh and revitalized.

4. Take time to go in for a manicure.  Your hands are often the first part of your body to reveal your true age!  Make sure to moisturize, moisturize!  Especially during the cold winter months.

5.  Don’t forget your lips!  Use Elaine’s Vitamin C stick to provide gentle moisture to your lips.  Apply morning and night.

6.  Good undergarments that fit properly can take years off your figure!  Make sure you go in for a custom bra fitting to be sure you are wearing the correct size.  Also don’t forget to adjust your bra straps after each washing.  They can become loose over time.

7. Add a burst of color with fun scarves or a colorful pair of shoes.   It’s amazing what a burst of color can do to your attitude!  Color is sure to generate a smile!

8.  Don’t forget to keep your core toned!  Even if you don’t have time to hit the gym it’s important to do crunches daily to keep your stomach toned and your back muscles strong!

9. Take advantage of all the teeth whitening products available!  It’s super easy to apply a whitening strip while you soak in the bath or put on your morning makeup.  White teeth not only make you look younger but your lipstick will look even better!

10.  Finally, smile!  A beautiful smile will take years off your look!

Credits: The Fort Worth Star Telegram

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