Don’t Forget Your Frosting!

Don’t Forget Your Frosting!

Floral JewelryJust as any great pastry chef understands the importance of decorating their masterpieces, as a wardrobe consultant, I know that my clients are not truly dressed until they have added their frosting. Of course, by frosting, I mean accessories; all those little baubles that complete an outfit. Like a cake missing its topping, your outfit sans accessories may be nice, but it will not be a wonderfully delicious visual experience.

If you have not taken the plunge into the world of accessories, spring 2010 is the perfect season to identify your favorite flavor of frosting. Begin by purchasing a few of the top accessory trends for the season. Read below for a “how to” on wearing my top two frosting picks this spring.

Floral Jewelry: This trend is perfect for bringing out the romantic in all of us. Keep your outfit simple by pairing ankle pants or shorts with a solid top. Then pump up your wow factor by adding a flirty, floral necklace (see picture).

Jewelry: High Impact GemstonesHigh Impact Gemstones: Think dramatic bangles dripping in gemstones and stacked halfway up your am. If you prefer a little less drama, opt for a single cuff in an assortment of colored jewels (see picture). Contrast your statement gemstones with a soft floral blouse or skirt.

If you need help selecting your spring frosting, don’t hesitate to give me a call! I will teach you the ends and outs of adding the finishing touches to any ensemble. Just remember that when it comes to getting dressed, skipping the frosting isn’t an option.

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