Does My Color Fan Need a Check-up?

Does My Color Fan Need a Check-up?

Many things change with age, and your color fan may not be an exception.  As we age, our skin tone often changes.  Each season we create new foundation formulas for our clients as their skin tones lighten, darken, or yellow.  Eye color can also change with age.  As many of our clients’ hair has begun to grey, their eye color may grey down as well, becoming more muted.  However, the biggest change we see in clients’ coloring is in hair color, caused by both natural and artificial changes.  Because human body coloring is the foundation of a client’s color fan, if a client’s coloring changes, it is very likely that their color fan will also need to be adjusted.

We suggest that our clients come in for a complimentary color fan check-up every five years.  Feel free to drop by the studio (along with your color fan, please!), and a Stoltz Image Consultant will tell you if your color fan needs an adjustment.  If an adjustment is needed, we will schedule a Color Analysis Update that will take about an hour (think of it as a mini version of your first Color Analysis).  During your Color Analysis Update, we will make sure that your color fan accurately represents your current body coloring so that it will remain a great resource for you in selecting clothing, cosmetics, and accessories.

Please visit our services page for pricing information on a Color Analysis Update.

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