Do This, Not That: Choosing Your Best Seasonal Trends

Do This, Not That: Choosing Your Best Seasonal Trends

Spring 2010 is a clothing season like no other. Packed with everything from military inspiration to feminine flair, tomboys and girly-girls alike are sure to find plenty to satisfy their fashion fixations.

Before you invade the department stores, take a moment to review our trend list (left) and identify which trends are a “do” for you this season, and which ones are a “don’t.” Remember, no one looks their best in every trend, but there is a trend for everyone. Use my body shape diagram below to identify your chic shapes and your fashion pitfalls.

Body Shape Diagrams

  • Hourglass: Do show off your waistline with belts, shirt dresses & patterned tops paired with shorts. Oversized shift dresses & calf-length skirts are a don’t.
  • Contoured Rectangle: Do enjoy semi-fitted sheath dresses, denim jackets & colorful handbags. Avoid tops with large patterns.
  • Rectangle: Do keep it streamlined with relaxed pants, semi-fitted jackets & accessories that highlight your face. Don’t fall victim to shapeless dresses or belts.
  • Oval: Oversized shift dresses & tunics, show stopping accessories & skinny pants are a do. Belts, shoulder bags & snug jackets are a don’t.
  • Triangle: Do draw attention to your top half with jackets, epaulets, ruffles, fabric details & patterns. Avoid shoulder bags, patterned skirts & white pants that will expand your hipline.
  • Inverted Triangle: Printed skirts, white pants & chic shoes are a definite. Pass on double-breasted trench coats, high necklines & lots of volume on your top half.
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