Discontinued Products for Spring 2009

Discontinued Products for Spring 2009

The following is a list of products that are being discontinued for spring 2009.  If you are currently loving one of these discontinued products, please contact the studio to purchase any remaining inventory.  Once our current inventory for a discontinued product is sold out, we will not be reordering the product.  The good news is that we have brought in replacements products for almost all of the discontinued products.  Please stop by the studio to test the replacements.


Triple-Split Eyeshadows:  Atmosphere, Amazon, Equator, and Sky.  (Replace with 3-Well Magnetic Custom Eyeshadow Kits).

Sheer Satin Shadows:  5a15 Seaspray (replace with 813 Atlantis), 5a19 Baby Boy (replace with Bermuda), and 5a27 Deep Sea (replace with 827 Abyss or 513 Black Emerald).

Mineral Shadows:  Turquoise (replace with Washed Denim) and Citrine (replace with Yellow Diamond).

Polychromatic Shadows:  Skyline (replace with Titanium), Sunsweet (replace with Yellow Diamond), Mink (replace with Twig), and Medallion (replace with Limestone).

Dimensional Shadow:  839 Tarnished (replace with Burnished Olive).


Matte Lipsticks:  Matte Glace Maple (replace with Micro Rum), Matte Glace Mauve (replace with Micro Femme), Matte Glace Copper (replace with Micro Bronze), Matte Honey Rose (replace with Micro Mocha Rose), and Matte Merlot (replace with Velvet Plum).

Lipshine Lipstick:  Sugar Pie (replace with Micro Whisper).

Micro Bubble Lipstick:  Micro Buff (replace with Coral Pink).


Blush-on Blush:  320 Peppermint (replace with Rose Bud Mineral Matte Blush).

Sheer Satin Blush:  Whisper Bliss (replace with Adobe Mineral Matte Blush).

Discontinued Skin Care Products

Therapeutic Hand Creme

Aquacreme (replace with Peptox Wrinkle Relaxing Creme)

Skin Vitality Moisture Fluid (replace with Vital Moisture)

Oil Control Mattifying Gel (replace with Oil Free Day, SPF 15)

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