Create Time for Renewal

Create Time for Renewal

The holidays always involve rushing around and overindulging no matter how well we think we’ve set ourselves up to do it differently this time. There’s something so special when January comes around. It marks a clean slate, a chance to start over, an opportunity to design possible outcomes for the year.

Looking out from here anything is possible! But before we get too far into the future, how about taking a bold step here at the beginning of the year and declare Janaury as your month to clear your mind and gently daydream about how to best support your unique self. It’s okay to have your head in the clouds for a few days or weeks and listen to what’s in your mind and heart. The information that comes back to you will nurture and nourish you and set the stage for a year well-lived.

Think of this period of time as a gentle time out. Consider less rushing, less spending and instead, more time to be kind and unwind. This month encourages rest, restoration, and reflection. How about going with the flow?

I have a few ideas for how to shape this time out period. See if any of these fit for you.

Replay the highs and lows of this last year

Part of looking ahead is acknowledging what came before. Ask yourself a few gentle questions. Think about different areas of your life like your health, your personal image, your wardrobe. What were some of the things you did that worked well for you? Maybe you got into a walking routine with a friend. Perhaps you recharged yourself by enjoying time in nature. Maybe you felt renewed by simple changes you made in your wardrobe like discovering a new favorite color, finding a jean style that flatters your shape, or buying yourself some accessories that made all your outfits feel new. Make a list of the good stuff and give yourself a pat on the back. Good job!

Taken from Pinterest “going for a walk” search.

Now take a few minutes to list those things you never quite got around to doing for yourself. Was it a trip with girlfriends or a spa day with your daughters? Did you bail on your commitment to declutter your closet? No worries, all is forgiven. In your time out, think about whether any of the regrets you experienced are things worth pursing this year.

Think about your outer image

Fashion and style can offer loving ways to help you feel great about your body. Allow yourelf to daydream about adorning your body in new ways. During this month, let go of constricting rules or have-tos and be kind. When you look in a full-length mirror are there parts of your body that you’d like to freshen up? For instance, when you look at your hair, is your cut and color working for you or do you think you’d like new ideas about that? Now look at your whole body: your neck, shoulders, bust, waist, legs, feet. Clothes are ready to engage with you and have fun in any area you’d like to explore. Is it wraps for your shoulders, fanciful blouses, fuller cut pants, suede shoes? Remember, you’re daydreaming here. Let ideas float into your head. You don’t have to buy a single thing right now. Just note how you’d like to have fun adorning your body for your own pleasure.

Define elements of your personality

Using fashion and style you can bring forward qualities that you’d like to be known for. To help you daydream about this I’m going to list a bunch of words and you decide which ones you’d like to be reflected in your personal style. Ready?

Fearless, sporty, arty, captivating, stylish, strong, attractive, vibrant, welcoming, soft, sensual, creative, sassy, good-humored, exotic, spiritual, magnetic, innovative, classy, sexy, interesting, dramatic, elegant, romantic. Can you think of a few more?

Maybe there’s a new expression of you that wants to slide into the spotlight. You don’t have to understand how that could be achieved. All you have to do is let ideas float into your head. These ideas will provide a roadmap for later.

Once you’ve spent some time daydreaming about how you want to be preceived in the world, I can help you further. At that point, you may want to schedule an appointment with me to discuss the “how” of your plan. I’d be happy to help you realize your dreams.

Disclosure: photos were all taken from Pinterest.

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