Common Questions about the Stoltz Image Online Store

Common Questions about the Stoltz Image Online Store

Based on the request of a few of our wonderful clients, here are the answers to some common questions about the Stoltz Image online store:

Q: How do I get started ordering my cosmetics online?  I have selected my products, but how do I pay for and complete my order?

A: Go to and select the shop online tab.  Before you select the items that you wish to purchase, you must set up an online account.  Simply hit the “Register” button to begin the process.  Once your online account is created, make sure that you are signed in (each time you visit the store) before selecting the products you wish to purchase.  If you do not do so, you will not be able to complete and pay for your order.

Q: How will I know which products I use?

A: If you are unsure about the color or description of the products that you purchase, please contact the studio for your purchase history.  Once you have purchased a product through the online store, you will always be able to view your previous purchases through your online account history.

Q: What if I want to order my cosmetics online but do not want to pay for shipping?

A: Simply select and pay for all of your products online, then select the pick up option (at the Stoltz Image Consulting studio) rather than shipment.  You will be in and out of the studio faster than ever before.

We would love to hear your comments, questions, or concerns about the Stoltz Image online store.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at

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