Closet Switch: Winter to Summer

Closet Switch: Winter to Summer

This weekend I worked on my own closet and switched out my winter clothes and placed my summer clothes in their place. It was a major project for me and wanted to give you some tips.

1. Before you store your out-of-season clothing inspect each garment looking for dirt or wear and tear. Wash, send to cleaners or alterations if need be. Also, toss it if it looks worn out. Everything should be ready for next year.

A Happy Closet

A Happy Closet

2. Look at the style of each garment. It is dated? Do you still like it? Will you wear it next year? Does it fit? If you do not want it next year, do not store it. You will think you have plenty of clothes next year, when in reality,  you do not. Love it and know you will wear it or don’t keep it.

3.  Now examine each spring-summer garment and accessory you are bringing back to your closet. Is the garment a current style? Do you feel good when you look at it? Will you wear it this season? Try it on. Does it fit? Do you need to style new outfits with it to keep it current? How are your shoes? Do some of them look tired? Is you spring-summer purse tired or too dirty to keep? Do not forget to look at your swimsuits.

4. Make a shopping list for all the replacements you need to buy. The white shirts, shells and tank tops we wear so often usually need to be replaced each year. Also, I like to buy a few new pairs of shoes to stay “in style”.

5. Go shopping with a “shopping list.” That will keep you focused. Buy some new trendy items to say 2014. We girls always want some new items in our closet.

6. Bring all your new purchases home and start styling new outfits mixing the new items with old items already in your closet. This is the most important job for you. I find that if you skip this step, you will not wear the new garment or accessory very often. It is too hard to style a new outfit at the time you need to wear it. We gravitate to what is familiar and have worn before. Get out of your comfort box and start restyling your wardrobe.

Hope these tips help you. Have you already had your color and body style analysis? If you have tons of black and white in your closet you need a color analysis. Another clue is if you have both pink and orange colors in your wardrobe you need color knowledge.

Kelly or I will be happy to assist you with any part of the wardrobe switch process.  Call us at 817-924-8300 or email

Happy Spring Wardrobing!

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