Christmas Wish List

Christmas Wish List

Red JacketI will tell you exactly how it is. There is nothing that I like better than receiving a gift. Some people love quality time, others loved to be praised and encouraged, but I just want a pair of diamond earrings wrapped (in sparkly paper, please) with a big bow on top.

Now, you might think that this is a tad self-involved, but let me reassure you that I love to give my favorite people gifts just as much as I love to receive them. I listen all year long as my friends and family nonchalantly express interest in things. I usually get my first tip around March, and I immediately begin a Christmas List. I try to have at least one gift written down for every person on my list by October so that I am ready to purchase with plenty time to spare before the big day.

Gold ClutchNow, I am not saying that gift-giving is easy.  It takes plenty of time andpatience. And, there is always that one person that is more difficult to decide on a gift for than everyone else. I am not naming names, but my difficult person is a doosy (you know who you are).

If you let it, the holiday season (and shopping for your more difficult loved ones) will get you down and ruin all the fun. Here is my advice, as your personal shopper and friend, on how to get it all done in time.

  1. Get Organized (Write your list down now!)
  2. Be Honest (Ask your friends and family what they want. There is no shame in wanting to give a great gift.)
  3. Shop Early (That means now! So that you can get on with enjoying yourself this season.)
  4. Keep It in Perspective (Don’t lose sight of why it is so much fun to give people gifts: because you love them!)

Onyx RingTo get you in the Holiday gift-giving (and receiving) spirit, here is a peek at my Christmas Wish List for this year:

  • A Mini Laptop (So that I can write my blog articles everywhere I go!)
  • A Fabulous Red Jacket (In my color, of course.)
  • A Gold Clutch (For date night with my husband.)
  • A Black Onyx Ring and Matching Earrings (I told you I have a thing for jewelry!)
  • Jack Russell Terrier PuppiesA New Coffee Table (My Jack Russell Terriers killed the last one. I know they look precious, but don’t be deceived.)
  • Spending Lots of Time with the People I Love Most!

What is on your Christmas Wish List this year?

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