Cham-Chamois Cloth, Cham-Chamois Cloth, Cham-Cham-Cha-Ree!

Cham-Chamois Cloth, Cham-Chamois Cloth, Cham-Cham-Cha-Ree!

Chamois Cloth for cleaning your faceWhen I wash my face, I always seem to feel like I don’t get all of the makeup, moisturizer, dirt, oil, or what have you off of my skin.  It seems like I’m always frustrated, thinking, “Ughhhhhh!  If I’m washing my face, shouldn’t I feel clean?”

Well, I’ve found the solution!  One of my most favorite Stoltz Image products is the chamois cloth!  It feels so good on my skin, and I’ve never felt less than squeaky clean when I use it.  It also dries hard and very quickly, much like a car chamois, so mildew is never a problem.  Keeping it clean itself is super easy, too!  I just throw it in a lingerie bag (which is what I do with my body loofa as well) and put it in the wash with my delicates.

Chamois Cloths are only $13, which makes them such a great buy since you can keep them for years.  They also make awesome gifts and favors.

So, to finish my lovely, Poppins-inspired song…

Cham-Chamois Cloth, Cham-Chamois Cloth, Cham-Cham-Cha-Ree!  Great skin is as easy, as easy can be!  Cham-Chamois Cloth, Cham-Chamois Cloth, Cham-Cham-Cha-Roo!  Good luck will rub off when you chamois, too!


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