Cashmere Tips

Cashmere Tips



Well, so far we haven’t had a huge need to pull out our cashmere sweaters here in Texas.  At least not yet anyway! With Texas weather you never know what the next day will bring.

If your thirst for a soft cozy sweater leads you to search for that extra special cashmere sweater follow these easy tips to find the ultimate in softness… cashmere.

As the Wall Street Journal notes, “the difference between good and bad cashmere has never been so pronounced… It should be soft but rugged, have real weight but feel as soft as air.”  A paradox indeed!

So what do you look for in a good, quality cashmere that won’t pill after a few wearings?  Despite the allure of the ultimate softness, the softer the cashmere is doesn’t always mean it is the best.  Sometimes cashmere is exposed to chemicals which can lead to an artificial softness that may actually cut the longevity of the garment.

Examine the garment for ripples that might just indicate that the garment was knit too quickly and will most likely have a shorter lifespan.  The key is to look for a very dense fabric weave.  Stay away from a looser weave, this can indicate a cheaper version of the real thing.

Cashmere, like almost everything else can be found at varying price points.  A typical men’s cashmere sweater may start at $70 and go up to close to $1,000 for a high quality Italian made sweater.

So just in case we have another freak ice storm this winter, be sure you have a cashmere sweater ready to curl up in.  You will relish it’s softness.  Fancy a little luxury?  Cashmere just might be what you need to banish those mid winter doldrums.

Credits:  The Wall Street Journal: December 24-25, 2011 Issue


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