Bra Tips

Bra Tips

Written by Megan Gunn
Bras. There are three things that you need to know when talking about bras: color, style, and fit. The color of your bra is beyond important; it’s not only a reflection of yourself but an actual reflection when the sunlight hits you.

The most common color of bras is undoubtedly nude, but nude doesn’t always do the trick. Depending on the top you wear, you might be able to see right through when in direct sunlight. So, obviously it wouldn’t be smart to wear a black bra until white unless you just want to be scandalous! While colorful bras are intriguing and cute to not only you, but your partner, they can be unnecessary. The only reason to wear a colorful bra like the ones Victoria’s Secret Models wear, is when you’re wearing dark colors that cannot be seen through. Normally, they’re only practical when it’s fall.

The style of your bra is relevant when you’re asking yourself, “Do I want to be perky or relaxed today?” If you want to be relaxed or perky are two different feelings and two different bras. To be relaxed means a “T-Shirt Bra,” which are basically the most comfortable bra you’ll ever own. They’re designed to fit tight to your body and hug you – visibly unnoticeable.

With that said, you don’t want to go to the gym in a push-up bra. If you’re going out on the town and want to show a little bit more than you do at the gym, you might be wearing a deep-v top or dress; you would need choose between your multiple options. You could wear a push-up, tape, or a plunge bra. Plunge bras give you great breasts and hide the things that need to be hidden while still giving you everything you need in a bra. Show off what you have or emphasize what you don’t!

You need to have a happy bra for you to be happy; make sure your bra fits you and your body type. You need to know your body first of all. Knowing your size, general shape, and what you like to wear is key. But just because you know what you normally like to wear should not stop you from branching out and trying new brands and styles. Just like breasts, bras change with time; know when it’s time to send a beaten and broken down bra to “bra heaven”. Trust me, people will notice when you’re stuck in a rut of a bra. A good rule of thumb to know when your bra is biting the dust is when you’re continually moving down on the hooks. Some of the reason bras “go bad” is because of the way you take care of them. Preferably you should wash in a lingerie bag on cold, hang out until dry, and then tumble for ten minutes.

Always ask for a bra fitting, to ensure you have the proper fit. Each brand and style will fit differently. Most women wear the wrong size bra, so it’s very important to wear the correct size for you! One company we recommend is: True and Co.. This company has a very accurate online quiz that makes it easy to get your perfect fit!
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