Men’s Blazers.. Casual Look..Ultimate Style

Men’s Blazers.. Casual Look..Ultimate Style

Kelly’s 3 Top Picks for 3 Different Blazers at 3 Different Price Points

Armani Collection:


For a soft feel and luxurious fit this blazer is one to splurge on.    This Hounds-tooth Knit jacket offers slimming style with a modern look.   Just be ready to invest in this baby!  Available at Nordstrom’s.

A jacket with similar styling for a fraction of the cost can be found at Banana Republic.  While not of the same quality by any means, as the Armani, this jacket packs a lot of style!  I wish it had the versatility of being offered in a few more colors but for those of you who look great in grey this jacket might just add a little punch to your spring wardrobe.

Banana Republic Men's blazer

Silky Powder blazer Paul StuartThis “Silky Powder Blazer” from Paul Stuart is wrinkle free and super cool and light weight in the summer.  I would personally dress it down a bit and throw it over dress jeans or dark khakis.  It is also a slim fitting cut so you are sure to look up to date.

Remember that your wardrobe is an investment so choose wisely.  If you need a little help shopping give us a call.

Credits: Nordstrom, Armani, Paul Stuart, Banana Republic


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