Benefits of Purchasing Your Cosmetics Online

Benefits of Purchasing Your Cosmetics Online

It is the one month anniversary of the Stoltz Image Cosmetics online store.  We would like to say thank you to our wonderful clients for already making the store a success.  If you have not ordered from the store, here are some of the benefits of purchasing your cosmetics online:

  • Purchase Your Cosmetics at Anytime or Anywhere: That’s right, you can order from our online store while wearing your pajamas, traveling outside of the country, and during hours that the Stoltz Image studio is closed.
  • Choose from either the Shipment or Pick up Option: If you live out of town, you can have your orders shipped directly to you.  If you live in town, and like to drop by the studio to pick up your orders, simply order your products online and select the pick up option rather than shipment.  There is no extra charge for ordering online with the pick up option, and it is quick and convenient.
  • Reorder with Ease: After you set up your user account, all of your previous orders will be stored in your purchase history.  No more struggling to remember which products you have recently purchased.
  • Discover New Products: Browse our assortment of cosmetic and skin care products.  You may decide to try something new.  Don’t forget to check out the recommended products link under each product description.
  • Spread the News about Stoltz Image Cosmetics: You know all those friends that you have been trying to get to switch over to Stoltz Image Cosmetics?  Now is the perfect time for them to explore our products from the convenience of their own home.  You can even show them which products are your favorites.

If you currently purchase Stoltz Image Cosmetics from the studio and do not know what your products are called or which colors you have ordered, give us a call.  We will tell you your purchase history so that you will know exactly which products to order online.

Thinking about ordering from Stoltz Image for the first time?  Schedule a Skincare and Cosmetic Makeover so that we can create a regimen that suits your needs and lifestyle.

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