Who Wants Cake?

Who Wants Cake?

Stoltz Image Cosmetics Skin Care: PepToxyl Eye Treatment

PepToxyl Eye Treatment

Every winter I seem to have the same re-occurring problem…cake under my eyes!  Does anyone else have this problem?  Calling all cakers!!  My eyes get so dry that when I put my concealer on, it immediately cakes up and looks powdery and gross!

Ever since I started wearing concealer under my eyes, I guess I just came to expect this in the winter and not do anything about it.  Not anymore.  I have found the secret solution!

In the morning when I’m putting on my concealer, after I apply my moisturizer and eye cream of course, I dab a little bit more of my eye cream on (I don’t rub it in yet) and then put the concealer on top of it, blending it together as I rub the mixture in.  If you use concealer from a tube, you can also mix them together in the palm of your hand before applying it.

Stoltz Image Cosmetics: Eye ShadowsNow, this will make the concealer even more “wet” than it already is, so I make sure to smooth it out really well before putting a matte shadow over it.  This trick also works well with red, dry spots and blemishes.  Just mix a little of your moisturizer and concealer, and apply it that way, finishing it off with a little powder.  It will eliminate the cake!

Well, that’s my beauty secret for today!  Happy icing your cakes!

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