Beauty Appointments at Home

Beauty Appointments at Home

Hair Appointments

Haircuts: This is definitely tough times for men and women.

I have already trimmed my husband’s hair. Luckily my hair can survive several months of length. The Blinc Micro Trimmer is good for trimming the brows, nose hair and ear hair. I gave every member  (men and women) of my family a Blinc Trimmer.
Hair Color: Wow! You are going to find out what your natural hair color is.If you are NOT gray I highly recommend you consider letting you natural color grow out. I am a believable that your creator made you beautiful with your hair, skin and eye colors harmonizing. Sometimes it just takes a little getting use to something different. If you think your hair color is drab, it is your clothing and makeup colors that need to be changed. Your hair will look fabulous with the right makeup.
Gray hair is a different story.

Root Touch-up Tips: If you brow color is similar to your hair color then use your brow color makeup. The powder brow and brow balm work fabulously. Also, dark eye shadow similar to your hair color works great. Just brush the brow color on your part or around your face after each washing. We can recommend a brow color for you if you need help.
For those of you that have thought about going natural and letting the gray grow out. This is a perfect time to do it. I have performed more color analyses on clients who have decided to go gray in the last six months than I had done in years. Many of my clients are tired of having to have their hair colored every few weeks. Once you see a couple of months growth, you can tell how much gray you have. If you are pretty white around the face you might consider that option because your roots probably start showing every two weeks.

Peggy’s Suggested Hair Products:I highly recommends NOT using box color from grocery store if you have a professional stylist color your hair normally. Colored shampoos and toners are a good alternative.
1. Blondes: Whether it’s natural, color treated or highlighted-

Has your hair color faded, lacks luster, looks dingy? I recommend using John Frieda shampoo and conditioner as shown below. The trick is to let both the shampoo and conditioner sit on the hair for 3 minutes each before rinsing.  Always rinse conditioner (this goes for any conditioner) out with COOL water.  This closes the cuticles and pores within the hair shaft and adds luster and shine. Warm water creates unwanted frizz and strips hair of any moisturizing properties in conditioner’s ingredients. I am sure there are many other brands that work well too.
2. Brunettes: If you are a brunette or consider yourself “dirty blonde” and want

to give your hair color some oomph, try going a bit deeper with a color shampoo. These products will not only add some depth to your hair, they add shine and volume. Since its not permanent hair color, you can use as many times needed to achieve your desired shade and still have the confidence that with regular shampooing it will also fade away.  Leave on hair 3 minutes each and rinse conditioner out with COOL water to lock in the luster! 
3. Gray: A toner for gray hair is great to bring back the shine.

4. Dry, tangled, damaged hair: If your hair is dry, damaged or tangles…a “leave in hair” conditioner works great. It will protect your locks from the environment and the use of styling tools such as the heat of the blow dryer.  “It’s a 10” is a good product and there are many other products available. 

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