Bad Hairday?

Bad Hairday?

With all this crazy weather we have been having lately a bad hair day every now and then is inevitable.   A few simple tricks I have found to minimize that bad hair day feeling: 🙂

1.  Switch your part around.  Sometimes all it takes to freshen up a look and add volume is to flip your part to the other side.  Also, play around with your part a little.  Make it a bit messy, create a zig-zag pattern.  Use a pencil to gently flip hair from one side to another, creating a part that has dimension.

2.  Use product!  With all the humidity in the air it is important to use product to achieve the results you are looking for.  Add a bit of mousse for added volume.

3.  Make sure you get a trim on a regular basis.  Even if you are in the process of growing out your hair, it is important to still get the ends trimmed to keep hair soft and free from split ends.

4.  When applying a deep conditioning treatment, add a little heat.  Cover hair with a warm, damp cloth or warm with a hair dryer so conditioner penetrates deeply.

blow drying hair

Blow Drying Hair


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