Are you “Looking Great?”

Are you “Looking Great?”

Custom Color Fan

What does “Looking Great” mean to you? Does it mean you have to receive a compliment or you must not look great? What do they compliment? Your outfit? Your jacket? Or did they say: ”Wow! You look great today!” The compliment was not directed to any specific part of you or your clothing. That is the very best compliment to receive.

I remember before I went to my first image consulting training, I wore a bright fuchsia jacket and people always said: “Elaine, that is a beautiful jacket.” So I wore in all the time. Then I learned that the people were complimenting me on  the jacket. It was talking first. They did not see me at all. I was a mannequin wearing a fabulous jacket. Did I look great? No, I was not being seen at all. I was not talking first.

As I observe women in stores, I see that they are looking at the clothing on the hanger to decide if they like it. Our eyes naturally go to the brightest colors and the highest contrast: black and white. Therefore, the women head for the bright colors and black/white prints when they enter the store. They pull what attracts their eyes to try on in the dressing room.

Then, in the dressing room they are looking to see if the garment fits; is it too short or too long; does it make them look fat? They do NOT stand back first and say: “Do I look great wearing this? Do I look healthy? Is the color talking first or is the color enhancing my own natural coloring.

I am now very picky about the colors I wear and I find most of my best colors on the sale racks. My colors are not black and white and bright colors. My colors are more sophisticated, elegant and understated. When I wear them, they make ME look great. They do not steal the show.

Next time you get dressed, look in a full-length mirror and ask “Do I look great today?” If you see the clothing first, then it is time to rethink the colors you buy. That is the reason women love their color fans. It insures that they will always buy clothes that they feel fabulous wearing. They are so confident with their appearance they do not worry about receiving compliments, but in fact, they do.

Are you ready to invest in your own color analysis so when you walk into a store you do not automatically go the brightest and highest contrast clothing? Call and make your appointment with Elaine now.

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