Are You Gray?

Are You Gray?

Gray Roots

Let’s get to the “root” of it! Here are some tips on whether you should:


When it comes to new growth at your root, nothing looks worse than letting it show, and if you’re gray then you know how fast those pesky silver & white hairs tend to rear their ugly head…on yours..literally, and it’s usually smack up front!

So what do you do? That’s easy. Go to your Stylist of course! It is extremely difficult to color your own hair and get the correct shade that matches your skin tone. However that’s not the question I hear most of the time. The question is “How often?” This varies and you need to find your ‘sweet spot’. This is when you can see the line of where your gray stops and your hair color begins.

If you are salt and pepper (50% or more gray), we recommend putting a permanent color on your roots the same color as your natural hair color or one shade lighter.

When you have 1/8 to 1/4 inch of “new growth” pick up the phone, go online, or however you schedule your appointment, and get an appointment with your colorist! It is time to touch up your roots. Stylists are very busy people too, and tend to book appointments weeks in advance, so don’t be disapppointed if you cant get immediately in. We highly recommend setting up a standing appointment with your stylist so the roots do not rear up unexpectedly.

So how often should you have the standing appointment? If you have less than 50% gray you can wait 6 weeks. Then move to every 5 weeks and you will proably have to go every 4 weeks soon after you are over 50% gray.

If you are almost all white then you have a decision to make. Either you need to touch up roots every 2 to 3 weeks or consider going very light blonde or natural. Silvery white can be beautiful.

This is the time to have a new color analysis because your eye color and skin color has also changed. I will give you my expert opinion on what to do with your hair color.

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