A Story of a Woman and Her Wardrobe

A Story of a Woman and Her Wardrobe

Story of a Woman and Her Wardrobe

Thirty years ago she learned what colors, styles, proportion, and outfits were best for her and she was religious about following the guidelines. She also maintained the same body shape and size so that her wardrobe continued to work. Recycling styles in and out of her wardrobe to stay current was her idea of seasonal shopping. She loved her wardrobe and felt good most of the time. Of course, replacing worn-out clothes had to be done. She was emotionally attached to her wardrobe and giving up those expired clothes that she loved was difficult. Shopping for the perfect pieces was hard especially when the current styles were not hers. If she had to find a particular garment for an event it was not always easy. Most of her very favorite items were accidentally found when she was not looking for them. Luckily since her colors were not super bright, black or white she found lots of clothes on sale. She was like most women loving bargains. The wardrobe kept expanding. There needed to be a major closet audit. Recently with age, her body shape had changed. Accepting the reality that the waist was gone was difficult to accept but one day she said “It’s okay.” It was a wake-up call to objectively try on every garment in her closet and look at her image in the mirror. She had always thought she had a closet full of clothes and then realized that day that a lot of the clothes did not fit. Over one hundred items were purged. About forty quality garments such as evening gowns, cocktail dresses, evening tops, and jackets went to a resale shop. The rest were donated to a charity. It was such an uplifting event and a fresh start. She looked forward to shopping for her new body shape. Can you identify with this lady?  This is MY story…..Elaine Stoltz

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