A Glimpse Back at 2011 Fashion Moments

A Glimpse Back at 2011 Fashion Moments

1. Super short pixie cuts on celebrities such as Emma Watson.Emma Watson

2. Justin Bieber and his new “do”.

3. The Royal Wedding and the resulting thirst for a lady-like demure look.

4. With tv shows such as Pan Am popping up onscreen, a return to a retro 60’s inspired glam pervaded everything from clothing and accessories to cars and mixed drinks.  The martini is back! Vrrmmm…. vrrmmmm!  So is the Fiat!

5. Men’s suits leaned towards a more tailored, modern look with lots of attention to detail and a more form fitting style.

6. Citrus is back!  Pops of color pervaded everything from the runways to wall paint.  Bright and vivid hues were all the rage in 2011.

7. Missoni was unveiled at Target but when many stores sold out within a few hours, quite a few customers left empty handed.

8.  First lady Michelle Obama’s style was scrutinized and applauded across the globe.   It seemed like everywhere you turned Michelle’s style was hitting the press.

9.  Skinny pants and jeans sales soared.  Pairing with flats or heels, skinny jeans make a powerful impact on our wardrobes as women of all ages enjoy the timeless feel and easy style skinny jeans provide.

10.  Mix and Matching prints.  No need to match perfectly, the fun lies in how you mix and match pieces.

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