2012 Men’s Suits

2012 Men’s Suits

2012 is all about the updated suit!

Men's suit

A few quick pointers to guide you on the path toward the perfect fitting suit.

1. Be sure it fits!  This may sound like a bit of unneeded advice, however one way to make a $200 suit look like an $1000 dollar suit is to take it to the tailor.  You will probably spend around $100 getting a suit to fit properly.  Budget in this necessary expense to be sure your suit fits impeccably. This will bring your suit up to date in a flash.

To create the look of longer lines, be sure your jacket is tailored to fit well.  Remember it’s all about proportions.  Make sure your jacket is not too long, because this will make your legs look shorter.   Think long and straight lines.  Suit jackets are much shorter this season.

2.  Try on a one size smaller jacket.  So many times I see men wearing jackets that are just too big. A properly fitting suit will fit snugly through the shoulders and actually help improve posture by slightly “hugging” your shoulders.   This instantly slims and creates a wonderful, broad shouldered physique.  Also we are seeing lower buttons, another great trick to make you look taller and leaner.

3.  Keep it simple.  Understated elegance.  Simple luxury.  You know how a really expensive sports car can often look deceptively simple yet incredibly opulent at the same time?  Well, the same concept applies to men’s suits as well.  Keep the lines, simple, patterns to a minimum or very subtle and you will create a very expensive look just by the simplicity of design.

4.  Finally, be sure your sleeves fit properly and you let a bit of cuff show.  Always have your suit sleeves taken up by your tailor.

5.  Try on a suit with a thin lapel.   We are seeing a resurgence of much thinner lapels this spring.  Give it a shot!

Check out the Suit Guide in GQ Magazine for more great tips.

Men's suit


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