1980’s Makeup Face? No Thanks!

1980’s Makeup Face? No Thanks!

Stoltz Image Cosmetics MakeupIs your makeup “on trend,” or are you still stuck in 1992? Or worse, 1982? Like fashion, makeup trends come in and go out each season, so we have to keep our makeup products and application techniques current. If you are not sure if your makeup will be in style this spring and summer, here are some trends to keep you from looking like a 1980’s cover model.

  • Pastel eye shadows are very popular this season. Brush a little lilac, soft pink, green, yellow or tangerine on your lids. But remember, only one color at a time.
  • Make your eyes a statement. Apply bold liner on the top lid with nothing on bottom. Then add lots of great mascara for a fifties-inspired look.
  • Keep your lips neutral and sheer, but if you like color on your lips, bold reds are in, and coral in the hot new color for spring.
  • Be sure your lips are pouty and moist. Add a little gloss to your favorite lip color, or wear gloss alone to create this trend.
  • Like your lips, your skin should also be luminous this season. For a fresh, dewy look, dust a bit of shimmer on your cheekbones, temples, brow bones and the inside corners of your eyes.

If you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms of a 1980’s makeup face, it is time for a cosmetic makeover! Just as you reevaluate and update your wardrobe each season, make sure to bring your makeup in for a checkup. Flip the page to learn the rest of my top makeup trends for spring 2010. Write them down, tape them to your makeup mirror, and abide by them each morning so that you will have a fashionable face to match your stylish wardrobe!

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