10 Tips for Wardrobe Inspiration

10 Tips for Wardrobe Inspiration

10 Tips For Outfit Inspiration



Everyone loses interest in their wardrobe from time to time. The answer isn’t always about going out and making more purchases. Sometimes you need to invite inspiration to fill you up so you see things differently.


Do you think you don’t have time for that? I’ve got several ways you can create opportunities to let the world around you teach you new things about color, line, and design. You’ll naturally come home and look at your closet and your home with a new, inspired vision. What you learn and will inform the way you put outfits together. Ready?


  1. If you haven’t been on Pinterest, it’s time to check it out. You’ll find all kinds of inspiration on this site. A great way to get started is to use the search function. If you need inspiration on a specific item like styling dresses, just type in Dresses. You can narrow your focus and go for specific dresses like Polka Dot Dresses or Belted Dresses. Or research an item you’ve been curious about like palazzo pants, maxi dresses, block heeled shoes or bell-bottoms. You can also search things like Fashion Over 40 to see how women in a specific age group are styling their outfits.


  1. Create a collage that captures inspirational or aspirational images. Magazines and catalogs are great sources. Leaf through the pages and pull out images that catch your eye. This is an exercise in inspiration so it doesn’t have to be a picture of a literal item you’d like to purchase. Choose images of colors, textures, patterns, or details that you love. Get a large poster board and arrange the images in a way that’s pleasing to you. Put your collage where you can see it. You’d be surprised how soon you’ll notice something or create an outfit that is a direct result of doing this exercise.


  1. If collages aren’t your thing but you like working with images, consider putting your torn pages into an art portfolio. Go to any local art store to purchase an art portfolio in whatever size pleases you. Place your inspirational or aspirational images inside the clear sleeves so you can page through it anytime you want to. Let the images speak to you; they could prepare you for your next smart fashion investment.


  1. Travel can fill you with inspiration. Are you planning a trip? Just image going to India and being amazed by the colors and patterns. If you were traveling to major cities in Japan you’d be enjoying the pop culture references on the streets. Go to Spain and revel in the old world colors and textures of the architecture. When you travel, carry a journal and a camera with you to capture the things that inspire you. When you come home you may be ready to try new combinations of color, texture, and patterns in outfit combinations because of what you’ve experienced.


  1. Go to the streets for inspiration. Different neighborhoods within the same city may have different vibes. Visit a new neighborhood café with a plan to people watch. Look at the creative ways people are dressing. Or if you happen to live close to a tourist area it’s easy to find out-of-towners that are making an effort to look nice on their vacation. Enjoy a latte and make notes of what you see. Or better yet, talk to strangers about their great outfits and find out what inspires them!


  1. Go to a museum. The exhibits may be inspiring but it’s also a great place to people watch. You’ll often find arty people in arty places. Look, observe, and capture some ideas you’d like to bring home and try in your closet. And don’t forget to visit the museum gift shops. They often have great accessories.


  1. Lots of skill and talent goes into creating captivating store windows and in-store displays. Feast your eyes on how they’re showing current fashion. Don’t expect to love it all but use this opportunity to train your eye to see fashion in a new way. It often takes some time experiencing new things visually before we’re ready to try them physically.


  1. Listen to your friends. Perhaps they know of a new store that just opened up. You may even plan a trip to check it out with your friends. Often our friends are natural ambassadors for new resources, stores, products, sales or trunk shows. Let them pave the way to see fashion in new places.


  1. Nature is a constant source of inspiration. Well-manicured gardens, garden tours, local parks or even nurseries are fun to visit for a few hours. Nature’s beauty is a feast for the eyes. Let it inform you about design, colors, scale, balance and more.


  1. Fashion books are a great resource of style inspiration. Go to your favorite local or online bookstore and head to the fashion section. Browse through new books you’d like to add to your library. You could choose books on specific designers, street fashion, fashion for specific age groups, or fashion in cities around the world.


By creating opportunities to be inspired, you’re training your eye to things in a new way; you’re carving new pathways in your brain, opening up to new ideas. Just don’t forget to bring these lessons back home to your closet and adorn yourself in inspiring ways. No need to get bored with your clothes or get into ruts.


I’m here to be a resource for you, too. I can help you see the beauty in your wardrobe. I’ll use my sources of inspiration to help inspire you. Give me a call and we’ll get started!

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