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We offer everything you need to look beautiful and effortlessly stylish everyday.
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Cosmetic Makeovers

Our skin care and cosmetics are unparalleled. We offer a very unique custom blended foundation to match your skin tone perfectly. Our cosmetics are hand-selected to ensure each product helps you look and feel your best and flatter your skin tone, eye and hair color. Elaine Stoltz is a professional consultant in cosmetic color and application with 30 years of experience. She can advise you on what makeup products and techniques work best for each individual client, what colors are best suited for an individual based on their skin tone, skin type, hair color and facial features.


Her own line of products is of the highest quality and can accommodate all skin types and achieve desired results. She has researched many of the top industry’s vendors for the products her clients have asked for and that she feels has the up-to-date technology necessary to meet their needs and expectations. Lip products with various formulas and shades, custom blended powder and foundation, alternatives to foundation such as tinted primers and mineral liquid powders, blushes in a variety of colors and formulas, matte and satin eye shadow colors, eye liners and mascaras to bring out any size and shape of eyes, brushes and other application tools, convenient packaging to fit any lifestyle, are all offered for a customized look for each client.


Stoltz Image offers a plethora of skin care products to match and enhance all skin types and issues. Based on what the client wants to achieve with her complexion and the efficiency of daily care desired, Elaine will make recommendations to meet such needs of the client. She has recently added four new products to her skin care line that she is very excited to recommend to her clients who would benefit from using these products. These products are the latest in skin care technology and have proven to be very effective when used correctly.


Customer service and individualized attention to detail are her highest priorities. Clients can trust Elaine to provide honest, experienced, educationally based advice to help them select cosmetic and skin care products. She also instructs each client on the best way to use these products for a polished, fresh look for both formal and casual occasions. The world of cosmetics is constantly changing. For the most up to date products and application techniques, let Stoltz Image take you in the direction you want to go to look your best!


Current clients receive 2 complimentary cosmetic makeovers yearly.


1 hour cosmetic makeover: $100 or $100 in products


All skincare and cosmetics can also be easily ordered online through our online store (click link below).

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Color Analysis

You are unique and so is your coloring. Learn how to select the right colors for your skin, hair, and eyes. Wearing the right colors can make you look younger and feel more confident than ever.

Color Analysis

Body Style Analysis

Do you dislike certain aspects of your body and find it difficult to shop for clothes? Learn how to choose the right clothing for your body. All bodies are unique and beautiful. The secret is to de-emphasize the parts of your body that make you feel self-conscience and focus on your assets.

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Hairstyle Consultation

We will recommend the perfect hairstyle and color based on your face shape, hair texture and lifestyle. Leave the studio with a personalized plan with directions and photos to take to your hairstylist.



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Wardrobe Consultation

Do you have a closet full of clothes but absolutely nothing to wear? Is your closet a disaster zone? Are you stuck in a 90’s fashion rut? Are you unsure of what pieces work together? We can help!

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Personal Shopping

Hate to shop? Feel overwhelmed when you enter a store? Not sure how to create a unique look? Stoltz Image Consulting can help with your personal shopping needs.


We will help you create a shopping list and shop in your favorite stores. Need suggestions? Our Image Consultants can offer advice on where to shop.

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Services for Men

Do you need an image makeover? Not sure how to shop? Do you want to re-enter the dating world, have a new job or promotion, or just need a little fashion advice? Need help with your professional attire or weekend wear? We can help.

Our Mens Services

Corporate Image Presentations

What image is your business conveying? Want to dress up your dress code. Our Corporate Image Presentation can help! Tired of your employees dressing like it’s casual Friday every day? Hire Stoltz Image Consulting to present a powerful, informative and engaging presentation covering the basics of dressing appropriately for work.

Corporate Services