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Mens Services

Do you need an image makeover? Not sure how to shop?
Do you want to re-enter the dating world, have a new job
or promotion, or just need a little fashion advice?

Personal Shopping For Men

Need advice on shopping? We will help you create a shopping list. Next, one of our image consultants will meet you in your favorite store to teach you how to shop and what specifically to look for in your clothing. We will teach how to shop for all occasions of dress; from business, to personal and weekend wear.


Work with a Stoltz image consultant and learn how to create a look that pays close attention to detail.


Hate to shop? You can also give us your sizes, shopping list and budget and we can shop for you. We will hold your selection in the store of your choice and you can pick it up at your convenience. We generally like to schedule a quick 15—20 minute consultation before we shop to find out more about your likes and dislikes.


$125 / hr